Tuesday, July 17, 2012

30 with 30: Week 4

The 30 with 30 challenge is in it's fourth week, although it's only Week 2 for me since I got a late start!
I love that this challenge is already pushing me to think of new ways to wear things I already have.  What it is NOT doing for me is making me think "I have so many clothes, I don't need to shop ever again."  However...it is at least making my desire to shop much more focused.  Instead of just shopping for a cute top and then figuring out something to wear it with, I'm more likely to look for something like a great belt that would give me several more outfit combinations.  Anyway, here are this weeks 3 looks...

Necklace:  Ebay
Cardigan/Skirt:  American Eagle
Sandals:  Steve Madden

Necklace:  Anthropologie
Top/Skirt:  American Eagle
Sandals:  Steve Madden

Necklace:  Ebay
Cardigan:  American Eagle
Jeans:  RueLaLa.com

Want to give the 30 with 30 challenge a try?  Check it out here!  

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