Monday, July 9, 2012

30 with 30 Challenge

I'm so excited to start the 30 with 30 Challenge!  Basically, the challenge is to choose 30 items from your wardrobe to make 30 outfits from.  Since the point is to find new ways to use items you already have, I decided to try using a few things I haven't worn in awhile.

I know I am getting a late start, but can't wait to jump in!

Here are the 30 items I'll be using:
5 pairs of sandals
3 Necklaces:  American Eagle,
simplylivly on Etsy, Anthropologie
3 skirts: American Eagle, H&M,
Forever 21
6 tops
3 cardigans
1 scarf: Forever 21
2 belts

2 pairs of jeans: Express,
Seven for all Manking
Forever 21 shorts

Not pictured:  1 top, 1 necklace (in the mail!)


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